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POTS/Analog Dial Access with PVDM3 and 3900? Possible?

I have a PVDM3-16, 3925 and HWIC-CE1T1-PRI.

I have a T1 terminating in the HWIC and the other end goes to an ATLAS 800. I dial into it with an analog v.92 modem. It provides dial-tone and a phone numbering setup. Sort of a self-contained phone system in-a-box.

My old, existing, setup is an AS5200 hanging off of that same ATLAS, on another T1 port.

All I want to do is dial in and establish a PPP session. Simple on the AS5200. Not so much with the PVDM3.

I have seen all sorts of documentation about doing this with a PVDM2, but not with a PVDM3. I assume the "3" would have all of the features of the "2" with newer ones to boot.

My main problem is figuring out how to refer to the 16 "modems" in my router. The PVDM2 docs note the line numbers created when it is installed in X800 series routers, but I have found no such documentation for the PVDM3. Also, I am having some conceptual difficulty getting my mind around modems that don't have hardware support. In the AS5200's modem cards, I can deal with actual "line" commands, however, I assume that the digital modems in the PVDM3 don't generate that. Is that correct?

If anyone is using PVDM3 modems to support POTS/Analog dial-in via a channelized T1 or PRI, I would greatly appreciate any direction you can provide.

I'm not asking for someone to essentially configure it for me. I'd be happy knowing how to setup the PVDM3 to act like run of the mill analog modems and maybe some insight into how that translates into async line references.



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POTS/Analog Dial Access with PVDM3 and 3900? Possible?

Modem is not supported with PVDM2 or PVDM3,-

Modem is only supported with PVDM2-xxDM

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POTS/Analog Dial Access with PVDM3 and 3900? Possible?


Thank you for your reply.

I can't actually find any documentation that differentiates between a PVDM2 and a PVDM2-XXDM. As far as I can see, the "XX" is the number of modems contained on the card. Like PVDM2-12DM, where "12" replaces the generic "XX". Is this not the case? Are "PVDM2"s and "PVDM2-12DM"s, for example, two different SKUs?

I had heard, but have not yet found supporting info online, that the PVDM2s have been announced as EOS.

I have seen the PVDM EOS/EOL announcement onnline.

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Re: POTS/Analog Dial Access with PVDM3 and 3900? Possible?

PVDM2-xx and PVDM2-xxDM are two different products, with different features and different prices.

For the first, xx indicates the number of voice channels, for the second the number of modem channels.

None of the two has been announced as EoS.b

By the way, to use PVDM2 (voice or modem) on ISR G2, you will need PVDM2-ADPTR.

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