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PPP double dial problem with BRI

I have two routers, A and B. When router A call router B the isdn call is setup, and I can ping both router.

However I don't understand why router B systematically recall router A.

so when I execute the command : show isdn active, my two B channel are active.

I have not configure ppp multlink, also callback is not configured too, and there is not much trafic because LAN interface are no connected. How can I avoid the second router to call me.



Re: PPP double dial problem with BRI

Is you dialer load threshold set to a low # on RouterB? Please post the relevant config.



Re: PPP double dial problem with BRI

Hi Kaine,

If you run "debug dialer" and "debug dialer packet" on B, you will know why its dialing out back towards A.

Thanks and Regards,


New Member

Re: PPP double dial problem with BRI

I really don't understand what happening, it's not the first time I configure ISDN with DDR and I have some experience in the field.

When router_A call router_B (or inversely when B call A) the ping works only when both channel are UP. Each router use a different channel to talk with the remote router. When one of the channel is down (example BRI0:2) the ping stop working.

From router_A ( when I execute : ping, the "echo request" bring up the channel BRI0:1, and continue to use this channel

On router_B ( the debug dialer show that router_B bring up the channel BRI0:2 to send "echo-reply".

the first ping suceed with 20% only, and the link take too many time to bring up (time to bring up the twoo channel).

I have compare with different configuration, and I can't see where I could made an mistake.

thank in advance for your help


Re: PPP double dial problem with BRI


I am not sure if this is related to your problem, but check your CHAP configurations: your router A has hostname RT, yet you are sending

ppp chap hostname A19

while A19 is the name of router B.

Try and change the chap statement on router A to:

ppp chap hostname RT

and on router B to:

ppp chap hostname A19

and see if that makes a difference...



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