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PPPoA sessions stuck in LCP_NEGOTIATION

Can someone help on this DSL dail(BT DataStream) problem?

bellow is info from PE(Cisco 10k). Always stuck in LCP_NEGOTIATION. PV and VC built ok I believe. SP also checked Line is OK.

dsl-PE#ping atm int atm 3/0/0.9 9 32

Type escape sequence to abort.

Sending 5, 53-byte end-to-end OAM echoes, timeout is 2 seconds:


Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 16/20/24 ms

dsl-PE#sh atm pvc 9/32 | b 3/0/0

ATM3/0/0.9: VCD: 6535, VPI: 9, VCI: 32

VBR-NRT, PeakRate: 574 (1354 cps), Average Rate: 574 (1354 cps)

Burst Cells: 50

CDVT: 140.0 Usecs, High Watermark: 288, Low Watermark: 240

AAL5-MUX(AutoPPP), etype:0x9, Flags: 0x20000024, VCmode: 0x0, Encapsize: 4

Channel Weight: 238

OAM frequency: 0 second(s), OAM retry frequency: 1 second(s)

OAM up retry count: 3, OAM down retry count: 5

OAM Loopback status: OAM Disabled

OAM VC Status: Not Managed

ILMI VC status: Not Managed


High Watermark: 288, Low Watermark: 240

InPkts: 1622863, OutPkts: 1547901, InBytes: 31142841, OutBytes: 29630537

InPRoc: 1224593, OutPRoc: 1559608, Broadcasts: 0

InFast: 92913, OutFast: 0

InPktDrops: 0, OutPktDrops: 0

Out CLP=1 Pkts: 0

OAM cells received: 2632

F5 InEndloop: 2632, F5 InSegloop: 0, F5 InAIS: 0, F5 InRDI: 0

F4 InEndloop: 0, F4 InSegloop: 0, F4 InAIS: 0, F4 InRDI: 0

OAM cells sent: 2652

F5 OutEndloop: 2652, F5 OutSegloop: 0, F5 OutRDI: 0

F4 OutEndloop: 0, F4 OutSegloop: 0, F4 OutRDI: 0

OAM cell drops: 0

Status: UP

DBS enabled.

VC Auto Creation Enabled: local

AutoVC Idle Timeout: 300 second(s), minimum rate: 0 kbps


PPPoA Latest Event = PPP Msg

PPPoA Latest Error = None

PPPoA Session ID = 19564

PPPoA Handle = 0x1F060897, SSS Handle = 0x02030D94

Switch Handle = 0xF5020F7A, PPP Handle = 0x87060B6C

AAA Unique ID = 0x0430CBDD, AIE Handle = 0xD20105C2


attached is debug info from CPE:

It seemed PPP authentication issue, but Radius check also OK.

Thanks for any advices!

Hall of Fame Super Gold

Re: PPPoA sessions stuck in LCP_NEGOTIATION


It seems to me user is terminating connection, probably a cisco router that is trying to authenticate the 10k, in that it doesn't succeed.