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PPTP configure issues

Hello everyone,

I have just purchase a Cisco 8345 as my main router and firewall. Through the CCP (2.7 version) i have configure everything and it works great.

Although i have an issue with the VPN connection i want to create. I want to create a PPTP VPN, in order to be able to log-in at the company's network when i am away, but i can't create it!


I follow the steps at the guides i have saw, i get no errors message and still it doesn't work! Is there any 100% working guide you recommend me? Can someone help me, giving me the proper instructions for creating a PPTP VPN?


Edit: Firmware: Version 12.4(24)T



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 Hi, Are you setuping client



 Are you setuping client based or site to site vpn?

 I don't think it is possible to setup PPTP VPN connection with any Cisco device.

PPTP is a built in client based application on windows OS and it is not supported on Cisco devices.

You need to either use cisco client vpn software or application to setup vpn connection or try vnc software.

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Hello, I just want to be able



I just want to be able to login with my mobile phone or my home laptop, in the business via VPN. Which  one free solution do you recommend me?

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  PPTP is a windows client


 PPTP is a windows client VPN service and for that you need to convert your Cisco Router into a PPTP Server. It is a lengthy process .


 You need to make groups on the router and also allow incoming vpn connection to that specific Cisco router and also note that PPTP uses an algorithm for security and privacy which is not as strong as SSL or IPsec VPN connection.


Why do you want to use PPTP VPN connection?


Pls check this link:

In this link ,you will find details of how to make the Cisco Router as a PPTP Server ,and then follow the steps of seting up dial up vpn connection from your Windows computer to your Cisco Router.


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  You must try any other


 You must try any other client based softwares that are not the property of windows.

 I would advice you to use cisco thin client applications for vpn.

Hi!the link is working which


the link is working which Fahad@ mentioned below, its the solution but its not recommended.

you need Remote Access VPN with software client , also called EzVPN.



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