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Privilege Level to view flash (https server)

Hello community,

I've been digging around and I don't think I'm asking the right question, so I thought I'd ask it here. I've been working a little bit with Cisco native IOS HTTP/HTTPS server.

I've put together a SSI (.shtml) page to pull data from my router, and display it in an easy to read format for quick and simple troubleshooting. The thing is, is that I must be a lvl 15 user to access this file when it's loaded onto flash.

To get around this, I felt it would be easier to grant users lvl 1 SSH access and have them authenticate against a RADIUS server. Although that gets around the issue, I'd still really like to try and figure this out. I'd like to know what I need to do to make it so that a lvl 1-14 user can log into the IOS https server, and open my .shtml page without it prompting for lvl 15 authentication.

(I can login with my test user (privilege lvl 1) to the HTTPS server without issue. It's when I try and browse to: https://router/level/01/file.shtml , that's when I'm prompted to login as lvl 15.)


Thanks in advance everyone. Your assistance / insight into this would be very much appreciated!

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