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process_bri_call problem

I need urgent information about the cause of the following errormessage

000094: Oct 3 16:56:34.520 buc: ISDN BR0 **ERROR**: process_bri_call: Outgoing call id 0x8004 blocked

000095: Oct 3 16:56:34.520 buc: ISDN BR0 **ERROR**: UserIdle: process_bri_call failed on call to xxxxxx

I installed a 876 and want to use the BRI for dailbackup using dialer-watch.

For some strange reason the q921 and q931 debug show me these messages each time I try to get the connection up.

Anyone any ideas what causes this and how to solve it?


Bas Kokken


Re: process_bri_call problem

Do you have an internal PBX that your ISDN is using. If the line is going through a PBX then the PBX may be blocking the call from dialing out. Use the debug isdn Q931 for info on the call. If the call fails then look for the cause ID in the debug output. It will tell you where the call fails and from where that message is coming from....

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Re: process_bri_call problem

Hi Bas,

i'm Marc and have the same problem and nobody seems to be able to solve it.

Did you solve the problem ?

Thanks for your help

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Re: process_bri_call problem

Actually I did.

When I upgraded the IOS on the router I mistakenly used the AdvanceIP services as we used that on all 871 routers. The 876 should, however have been upgraded with the Enterprise version.

The fault message was due to a license issue.

Took long time to figure this out and find something about it.

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