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QVPN / QuickVPN - Showstopper bugs identified

I've been struggling with Client VPN on WRVS4400Nv2 (fw. V1.00.09-ETSI) and the QuickVPN 1.2.11 software. These problms are still present with QVPN / Quick VPN client version

The problem was, that I couldn't connect to the router with QuickVPN (the classic "Remote gateway not responding" error). I found a way to debug from the command line from (I think it was this link). So here goes...

This is what I found:

If I used the (number represent the lenght not the real hostname) the client didn't work, but once I changed to using the IP address it worked. The reason seem to be, that the server address in ipsec is LIMITED TO 16 CHARACTERS or it should be an IP address.

The command string with problems when running "c:\Program Files\Linksys\Linksys VPN Client>ipsec -debug":

NetshCommandStr = netsh advfirewall consec add rule name="IPsec_Tunnel"

endpoint1= endpoint2=
action=requireinrequireout description="IPsec Tunnel" mode=tunnel enable=yes profile=any type=static localtunnel=
remotetunnel=123456789.dnsalirequireinrequireout auth1=computerpsk auth1psk=kNF7askq2ghhkFDbcp5h

As you can see the server address is truncated to just "123456789.dnsali". The generated ipsec.conf-file has the whole address. The QuickVPN FRONTEND for the console program should do it's job correctly. Latest version also has the bug. Got my VPN working today by using IP-address instead of


1. QVPN doesn't handle long hostnames - MUST USE IP address (sadly this is not a joke - ).

2. Client doesn't give ANY errors from that part of the execution, but only later when the ping doesn't work.

3. Client doesn't give spesific errors (example. It should say if the problem was the password, or the gateway, etc., not combine them all)

4. Client doest run on Windows 7 without compatibility mode (in the Vista SP2 compatibility mode it works as well as in native Vista)

4.b Error message is flawed "This only works in Windos 2000 / XP" - It does work on vista....

The Real problem IMHO:

If Cisco decides to create a quickly ductaped piece of software that is a combination of OpenSSL, GNU Wget and Marcus Muellers IPSEC-tool, you should give them credit, distribute the source code (Don't know really if open source principles apply here), or maybe hire them to do the job correctly

This is basically the same info as my old post here.

PS. Who got the great idea of minimum 9 character usernames and the n+1 step software download process

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