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RADIUS set up L2TP multihop tunnel

Hi, I have a problem with establishing of L2TP multihop tunnel from ISP`s VHG to customer`s LNS according to RADIUS attributes.

Remote user is succesfully connected to the LAC, L2TP tunnel between the LAC and ISP`s VHG is succesfully established and remote user`s PPP session is forwarded into it.

I need established multihop L2TP tunnel based on RADIUS reply for an remote user`s authentication. In my case, RADIUS server reply all related attributes, but on ISP`s VHG are NOT applied and remote user`s PPP session is terminated on ISP`s VHG (no L2TP multihop tunnel to customer`s LNS is established)for very short time and then is disconnected (I know why).

Please, could you help me with this?

I use as ISP`s VHG Cisco 7206 VXR 400 with IOS 12.3(11)T3 Enterprise Plus image.

Thank you a lot.


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Re: RADIUS set up L2TP multihop tunnel

Hello everybody, I already solved my problem :)

There must be configured in global configuration mode of the ISP`s VHG router "vpdn authen-before-forward" command and L2TP multihop tunnel attributes are in RADIUS profile of the remote user`s.

According that, each PPP session is authenticated by RADIUS server and then terminated on ISP`s VHG or forwarded into multihop tunnel to customer`s LNS.

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