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RDP access via smart tunnel on a MAC

Well i about give up. I am running an ASA 5512X 9.2(2)4 using clientless SSL vpn. I am attempting to launch an RDP session via a smart tunnel on a MAC due to the fact the java plugin will not allow full screen. I have tried several RDP clients on the MAC, 2X Microsoft RDP, etc and no dice.The only thing I can get to work on a smart tunnel is Safari.  I have loaded the full path to the application, "/Applications/Microsoft Remote Remote Desktop" in the smart tunnel entry, and when launched from the device it pulls up the app. But when attempting to establish the connection, I never see the traffic hit the firewall like the MAC is not forwarding the traffic.Has any one been able to get this to work successfully?

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gcaudle66, I've gotten as far

gcaudle66, I've gotten as far as you with this issue.  Did you ever figure it out?

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