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Re: 2511 Access server - BREAK not working!?

Hi guys,

I got an access server setup and got a couple issues.

First off is that after I establish a session to another router or switch I cannot get back to the access server!

I do "ctrl shift 6 x" and many variations of that as suggested by forums on the internet but I just cannot seem to get back to the access server which is very annoying.

Something which I noticed with the 2511 also is that it seems to be very slow.  e.g. just to erase startup config it took a good 5-7 seconds and was unresponsive while doing so?

Should that be the case?

Many thanks,


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Re: 2511 Access server - BREAK not working!?

For the first problem, check, line configuration.

And yes an old 2511 is as slow as you described, or possibly even slower

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Re: 2511 Access server - BREAK not working!?

Hi Paolo,

Thanks for that, I realize now how slow this thing is with certian things..but an absolute god send to use an access server

And for those looking about not being able to send a "break" command to their router/switch I changed my default break command to "Ctrl + Pause/Break (key)"

instead of: ctrl shift 6 x.

Works like a charm now.

I changed this by issuing the following command under conf t:

line 1 16

escape-character BREAK

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