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Remote Access and Security

Hi everyone,

We need a VPN Connection such that our authorized users can have access to our servers from a remote end via secured connection. The users must be able to work from such remote ends as if they are here in the office, having access to all services available on the network and do things they normally do when they are within the office locally.

I hope my scope is clear enough.

We are also watchful of security breach. Kindly factor in the following concerns in your proposed solution:

1.       Security to data downloaded from a remote site

2.       In case of theft to laptops carrying such data, can the data be made unusable?

3.       Effective protection of our servers since we  are allowing users to access the servers from outside.

Kindly furnish me the design requirement and devices to use in this scenerio.




Re: Remote Access and Security


You can go with easy VPN solution for this. Users can access network resources as if they are at your HQ and even can use Voice services as well (phones- if you have VoIP infrastructure). You can ASA 5510 as Easy VPN server and ASA5505 at remote locations (it based on your budget).

As far as Laptop data security against theft, you need to work that from laptop end- having thirdparty softwatre installed which encrypt Harddisk etc.

Easy VPN is a secured tunnel, so it will protect against unauthorised access as well, unless remote location user compromise and let hacker sit at his desk to access your network resources..;-).



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Re: Remote Access and Security

On top of Easy VPN solution, you can also add NAC appliance to effectively implement policies concerning operating system patches, antivirus updates and so on.

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