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RIP updates delay issue

I got a ADSL line in IP stream with BT which is running RIP. The CPE always gets RIP updates at around 2 mins even RIP is with default setting. The PE is fine to get RIP updates from CPE at 30 sec interval. The line is not quite busy and routers are also in low CPU usage.

So what could be a possible cause of updates delay?


Re: RIP updates delay issue


check your timers "show ip protocol" will tell you what the timers on the rip process are and the networks that are participating in the process.

Check all config is 100% on both sides.

New Member

Re: RIP updates delay issue

thanks for your reply Andrew,

The timers are all default setting and config looks OK. The problem is PE is sending update every 30 sec, but CPE only receives it approx every 2 mins. the reverse process is ok

one thing I found that on ISP side, the 155M ATM interface which the ADSL line connected is with over 100M usage. could that heavy bandwidth usage cause the updates packets delay??

Re: RIP updates delay issue


Yes that could have an affect..since the default timers are invalid/hold 180sec so you are just good on not having flapping RIP routes.

I would really look at performing QoS on the WAN link. You must make sure the network is 100% healthy - you should look a prioritising your network routing updates ensuring they get thru in a timely mannor.


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