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Setting remote access on Cisco 888EA

Hi all,

First, I apologize for my bad english. It's not my native language.

My problem:

I installed a new Cisco router (model 888EA) at my office. I want to create a remote acces to one of the computers in my LAN. Is someone know what are the commands for open some ports on the router (Apple Remote Desktop ports) and redirect the WAN IP to the computer IP in the LAN ?

If you need more infos or if you don't understand me, say it to me.

Thank you in advance for your help


VIP Purple

Re: Setting remote access on Cisco 888EA

You need to set up port forwarding for the ARD-ports and allow the traffic on the outside ACL.

A config for that could be like the following. Probably it has to be adjusted to your used interfaces:

interface Dialer1

  ! your WAN-interface

  ip nat outside

  ip access-group OUTSIDE-IN in


interface Vlan1

  ! your LAN-interface

  ip nat inside


! in this example is the internal PC

ip nat inside source static udp 3283 interface Dialer1 3283

ip nat inside source static tcp 5900 interface Dialer1 5900


ip access-list extended OUTSIDE-IN

  permit udp any any eq 3283   ! ADR-Port

  permit tcp any any eq 5900   ! VNC-Port

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