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Setting up back-to-back async connection between 2 routers


I am trying to setup a back-to-back async connection between 2 routers via the async serial interface. The connection between the two routers are via a smart serial to RS232 male(CAB-SS-232MT) cable connecting to another RS232 female to smart serial (CAB-SS-232FC) cable. What I am trying to do is to push the async data from one router (Router A) to another router (Router B).

When I try to capture the async data from the async serial interface on the source router (Router A) while disconnecting the back-to-back connection from Router B, it is showing the correct data. The data capture is via the smart serial to RS232 male cable connecting to Router A, to a PC via hyperterminal. But however, when the back-to-back connection is connected and I try to do a reverse telnet at Router B opening up the port for the async interface on Router B, it seems to be showing incorrect data. I have confirmed that the speed and configurations on both routers are matched.

Does it require to have two physical async modems in between both routers for signalling? Any experts who are familiar with such setups can advise on why the async data at Router B appear as incorrect with unreadable characters? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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