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Site Failover

Hi. I have an oldie but a goodie... NY and Phil are interconnected via DS3. In Phil. the DS3 terminates on the SAME router as the INTERNET circuit!! In NY, there are two separate routers for redundant Internet links; both 45Mb. IF THE INTERNET TOTALLY GOES DOWN IN NYC, we want to route NYC users to Phil. Also, we would like to have "clients" who use services come IN via the Philly link - but that's a separate isses I believe. Finally, if the Internet goes down in Philly, we want to automatically route users in Philly to the NY Internet via the dedicated DS3. Is the best way to do this centered on "route reachability" in BGP??? Please help.


Re: Site Failover

Could you please describe about your topology and what device you are using and its features?

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Re: Site Failover


We have two locations. In location A there is [UNFORTUNATELY] an Adtran router. On this router there is one connection to the LAN and one connection to ANOTHER Adtran at site B. The Adtran at site B also terminates the Internet at Site B. Also in Site A there are two Cisco routers speaking BGP. These two routers AND the one in site B speak BGP. We want to try to get our iBGP and eBGP straight such that we have failover from one site to the other if the Internet goes down for users... That's it...

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