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Solution for a redundant link

I am looking for a solution on redundant link between the central and remote sites. When I came across some of documents regarding backup links I ended with so many and I am pretty much confused in choosing the correct one. So, can some one suggest me which will be the best backup solution for DSL and ISDN as the backup line. Some of the solutions which I came across are : (excuse me : if I am wrong)

1 . Floating Static

2. ODR routing

3. Backup interface (this command can be added in the primary interface) and

4. Dialer Profiles.

Thanks in advance



Re: Solution for a redundant link

Hi there,

All of these methods would be ok. I would personally use backup interface or a floating static. The choice is yours. Have a look at how they are configured and see which you would be most comfortable with.



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Re: Solution for a redundant link

You will need a combination actually:

dialer profiles to have your ISDN connection set up on demand, this in turn requires a floating static route.



Re: Solution for a redundant link

hi rajesh,

when ever we are talking about the backup for ISDN there are lots of method as you mension...but after all its depends on you...

like when ever you are going to have the floating static route and backup interface then you need to configure the accesslist in order to fire the backup ISDN both this technologies need to have the intresting traffic in order to fire the ISDN back up link....

and whenever you are going to have the dialer watch then it will fire the ISDN line with out any intresting traffic as it loss the primary route from the routing table...

so its all up to you how you are going to deploy it in your network and your requirment...

hope this will help you

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