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Split-Tunnel VPN Server Issues


Totally new to this. I finally found a document that tells me the commands to config a vpn server, but before I found that, I just used the SDM software to make the tunnel.

Everything was gravy the first night I tested it after completing configuration, but now, i've lost a secure route or something, because my access isn't right. Let me give you some background.

Site A (internal 1.1.1.x hosts the cisco with vpn server. It has 2 PCs with VNC servers. PC 1 has vnc port forwarded from router, whereas PC 2 does not (local only).

Site B (internal 192.168.254.x my client.

After the setup was complete, I went to test the connection and everything was working ok. The only thing "wrong", was that PC 1 was not able to have a VNC connection through VPN tunnel (no local IP access via 1.1.1.xx), rather I had to VNC to the public IP and let the router forward it. Everything else was working good though. I could use SDM, I could ssh to my router via local (over vpn) or public IP addresses, and access files.

Enter the next day: I connect from Site B again, this time, however, the "Secured Routes" under route details in the statistics window (from the vpn client software) is now missing the route that was in there the previous day. " network and (although I think it displays this as subnet mask" is missing. Not only that, but now, while vpn is connected, I can't ssh/sdm to the router via anything (either 1.1.1.xx local or public IP), nor can I vnc to PC1 via local or public, however PC 2 can still be accessed via VNC via vpn on local 1.1.1.xx

I'm a little confused here. Anyone able to help me figure this out?



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Re: Split-Tunnel VPN Server Issues


now I'm thoroughly confused. I restarted the PC from Site B and restarted the vpn server router at Site A. Tried connection again, and this time, I'm able to ssh to local IP (1.1.1.x) for router access only. My client at Site B, now, is unable to access internet while connected.

Sounds like something got messed up. I guess I'm going to try to re-setup the vpn again, however, i'm not sure what the sdm software will do with the previous vpn config?

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Re: Split-Tunnel VPN Server Issues

anyone know why, when i was in sdm software and deleted the vpn config and supposedly saved the running config it did not actually update the running config? I manually went into the config editor and since it didn't delete the config, i manually deleted all relating to the vpn and saved that config. it said that it would need to reload the router, and so it did.

Afterwards, however, my port forwarding wasn't working, my dsl int was going up and down several times, no remote ssh access, no remote sdm access, everything just seemed to quite working.

I guess i'm going to have to go home tonight and default the thing and start over, but this just isn't right.

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