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SSL VPN Connection


We are migrating from a Juniper SA4000 to an ASA for our SSL VPN connections. I am in the process of testing/configuring. When users connect through the SA4000, they are able to customize their user interface, which appears to be because the SA4000 has an advanced feature set that has user self-service capabilities. Is there anything similar for the ASA? I know how I as the administrator would customize it, but I don't know how to allow the user to customize it. As an example, if user A logs in and creates an RDP session, they can save that RDP connection information for the next time they log in. It shows up as a link.

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Re: SSL VPN Connection

Use these procedures in order to verify that the RDP plug-in was imported successfully.

• Use the show import webvpn plug-in command in order to display the current WebVPN plug-ins, and verify rdp is listed in the ouput of the command.

• Verify that rdp:// is available as a URI option in the Address drop-down list when you are connected to

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Re: SSL VPN Connection

I am able to rdp. What I would like to do is to allow the user to customize the gui, since they have that ability now. As an example, under the heading "Terminal Services" there is a button that says "Add a terminal session" and under the Files heading there is a button that says "Add a windows directory". But I don't even know if it is possible. When I as a user make an SSL connection and start an RDP session, everything works fine. But I want to be able to have a link pointing to that connection the next time I come back. As an administrator, I could set it up no problem. But different users will rdp to different machines and it would be better if they just made the rdp connections based on what they need. I don't know if that is possible. And I don't think it will be a big deal if it is not. But I know management will ask me about it.

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