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transport input telnet ssh help


I had two questions about remotely login to switch or router :

1. What is the default setting on switch or router to accept remote login (i.e., telnet or ssh)

2. If i configure...TRANSPORT INPUT TELNET SSH... which one is default and accepted first by switch or router. I mean I know that it will accept both but I want to know that If I configure both to accept then which one has the first priority or by default which one is accepted first, tenet or ssh.


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Re: transport input telnet ssh help

1) Default settings on all VTYs are "transport input all" --> all the supported protocols, that includes both telnet and ssh.

2) There is no priority level on which one is accepted first. Basically it just listens on both protocols (telnet - tcp/23 and ssh - tcp/22) for remote management.

Here is the command description for your reference:

Hope that helps.

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Re: transport input telnet ssh help

thanks for your answer but I got this question in exam and it was asking me which will be choosen by default by router or switch and they give me two options..telnet or ssh, so which one is correct ?

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Re: transport input telnet ssh help

I would say the default would be telnet, eventhough I think the question is incorrect. Purely because with SSH you would need to generate the RSA keypair, etc etc before you can even use SSH to access the router. So base on that theory, telnet would be the answer.

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Re: transport input telnet ssh help

Answer -1 : The default setting on switch/router to accept remote access is telnet.

Answer -2 : If the command is " TRANSPORT INPUT TELNET SSH ", then the system will accept remote access by default through telnet, but if SSH is enabled it will accept SSH.

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