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users losing their connections

I am having users lose their dial-up connection after only being connected for 2 to 10 minuntes at a time. This is happening sporadically and while some users on getting connecting and is not have any problems. I usually will reboot the device and the problems go away for a short period of time.

The devices are As5300 with 4 T1's and PRI setup with a basic config. The modems or MICA modems. I have tried to see what going on by looking at what line and modem the individual is on and issueing the Show modem operational-status on the modem.

Does any one know of a better why to troubleshoot this type of issues for a newbie??

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: users losing their connections

The following debug commands my come in useful

debug modem

debug spe modem

debug isdn events

debug isdn q931

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Re: users losing their connections

Thanks Renoufi,

Should I use this globle or just on the individuals that are having problems?

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Re: users losing their connections

They are all global commmands. This can make them hard to read on a busy system. Try to use them at a quiet time or activate them one at a time.

You will need to use:

>: term moni

to see the debug messages if you are using telnet to connect to the console

If the screen goes hay wire with 1000's of messages just type

>: u all

which is undebug all. It may take a couple of seconds for the screen to stop scrolling if the system is busy.

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