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Verizon Cellular WiFi and VPN Problems

I have a user with a Verizon Cellular card built into his laptop and we pay for the service. He is able to login to the VPN sometimes using the Cisco VPN client but other times he cannot connect. I believe this may be due to the speed or latency of the connection. Is there some settings I can tweak on the ASA to help this? Or has anybody else experienced similiar problems and solved them? Thanks


Re: Verizon Cellular WiFi and VPN Problems

We have several clients that use Verizon to connect. We have the PCMCIA cards that plug into the laptops. I have an ASA 5520, and I do sometimes have a problem connecting to the ASA. I have to disconnect my connection with Verizon, reconnect, and then everything is fine. I don't believe this has anything to do with the ASA. It's only a problem on our Verizon clients.



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Re: Verizon Cellular WiFi and VPN Problems

The issue with Verizon data cards is that for some reason the IP address is changing right after connection which will cause the connection to drop. To confirm you are running into this problem, simply enable debug logging in the VPN client and attach the logs so I can take a look.

To enable debug logging:

1. Open the GUI and enable logging.

2. Close the GUI and open vpnclient.ini file in the install directory.

3. Change the log level for IPSec, IKE and CVPND to 15.

4. Save the file and open the GUI to make a connection.

5. If the problem happens again attach the logs for that session.

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Re: Verizon Cellular WiFi and VPN Problems

I have been searching for an answer to this same problem. Verizon air card that can't stay connected for more than two minutes once the Cisco VPN client is connected. We have tried a new laptop, a new air card, nothing works. I turned on the logging function and can send you the log data if you would like. Is there a solution to this problem?


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