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VPN 3020 won't use IETF 25 when 3005 will

We have 1 x 3020 concentrator and 1 x 3005 concentrator, both currently use ACS 3.3 for authentication and we make use of the IETF attribute 25 to map user into specific concentrator groups on both the 3020 and the 3005 without any problem. The concentrators are both running 4.7.2.D.

We are currently trying to migrate both concentrators to look at new ACS servers running v4.1. The 3005 concentrator works fine the users are placed into the group specified by IETF attribute 25 but when users try to authenticate on to the 3020 we get the following error,

?User (testuser) not member of group (testgroup), authentication failed.?

It is as if the group lock feature is enabled but this has definitely been disabled on all groups.

Any ideas anyone?


Re: VPN 3020 won't use IETF 25 when 3005 will

Just check in this attribute (IETF #25) if you have put ou=GroupNamp; The group name is case sensitive.

Also, for example, if you are only going to allow this group to use WebVPN then highlight your group and then click Modify. On the General tab uncheck everything but WebVPN. On the WebVPN tab put a check in the box for Enable Port Forwarding. Below you can put in a name in the Port Forwarding Name box. You will see this name when you start the WebVPN session. Click apply and that's it.

Following link may help you

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