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VPN Client Disconnects over Vodafone 3G


I am in IT Support and we use Cisco VPN Client Almost all of our users connect from remote sites using this software.

Some of them connect over 3G Cards and then connect to VPN. These users are having terrible problems in that their VPN client keeps disconnecting up to 20 times a day. The 3G Connection stays open.

This appears to be a common issue. Does anyone know how I can resolve this or if there is a fix?

I am not too technical when it comes to this but any help is much appreciated!! Thanks,



Re: VPN Client Disconnects over Vodafone 3G

Have you enabled "compression" on the IPSEC connection? Are you also performing NAT-T over TCP or UDP?

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Re: VPN Client Disconnects over Vodafone 3G

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? Sorry to reopen this old thread but i have the same issue with a few 3G connections using cisco vpn client ver over a RAS VPN (ASA5510). Different carrier though.

They (carrier) specifically stated that I have to use ipsec over TCP (port 10000) as they don't allow udp 4500 and esp.... After about 5 minutes of use the tunnel stays with no traffic going across. The solution right now is to disconnect then reconnect (The tunnel, not the 3G service).


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Re: VPN Client Disconnects over Vodafone 3G

I've always had to enable NAT-T on the PIX / ASA when using 3G IPSec connections. I suspect that it's due to the telco's using proxies for the Internet traffic.

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