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VPN terminate locally msg

My spouse and I use VPNs for remote connections. We both use Cisco provided VPN solutions.

I am able to attach and maintain this for over 8 hours.

My spouse is unable to maintain this connection all the time. She will hibernate her PC throughout the day, and later get repeated "your connection has terminate locally" msgs.

Her support staff has been less than helpful.

This started when our provider changed to Verizon FIOS from Comcast.

I am looking for some assistance in correcting the issue.

Msgs seen (captured via log file) are as follows -

1 21:28:25.832 01/28/08 Sev=Warning/2 IPSEC/0xE3700003

Function CniInjectSend() failed with an error code of 0xa4510009 (IPSecDrvCB:826)

Her client is the VPN client v 4.01

thank you for any direction.


Re: VPN terminate locally msg

The reason of the above phemonon can be caused by several possibilities,

1/ Your local ISP has firewall enabled (please check your local ISP settings).

2/ The DHCP lease time is too short either on the vpn 3000 concentrator or on your external DHCP server, for example,

If DHCP server lease less than VPN3K lease then the DHCP server lease is used DHCP srvr=3min, VPN 3K=120 min,,,3min was used.

If DHCP server lease greater than VPN3K lease then the VPN3k lease timeout is used, for exxample DHCP srvr=17 min, 3K=5min => 5min was used.

Please check the DHCP lease time as set on the external DHCP server to see if it had been set to a very short time.

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