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wich VPN setup is most reliable?

hi, i have two 871-k9 (one in each location) and the reason for im using the vpn feature is for 3 main reasons:

- access sql databases for reporting

- access fileserver for workgroup

- remote adminstration of whole site (server, devices, router, desktops, wireless, etc)

I pick the easy wizard for configure a easy vpn server on each location and i am using the VPN CLIENT v. 4.8 for connecting to the remote lan and i am experimentig some issues with that scenario:

- no bidirecional access are doable (only can connect from one location to other and visceversa, not both at the same time

- vpn client sometimes can login and sometimes it just cannot login to the server.

- no internet access in the machine while vpn is client connected

- cant ping remote machiens by name, only by ip address.

well... i think first 2 issues are not normal and the last 2 issues requere more complex configuration and vpn server and client are not responsible for them.

My main question here is: what configuration would work better for me inthis case i presented:

Easy vpn server <--> Vpn Client 4.8

Easy vpn server <--> Easy Vpn client (router to router)

Point to point VPN (cisco to cisco directly)

Thanks in advance



Re: wich VPN setup is most reliable?

In this example, the PCs and hosts attached to the two routers have IP addresses that are in the same address space as the destination enterprise network. The PCs connect to the Ethernet interface of the Cisco 831 router, which also has an IP address in the enterprise address space. This scenario provides a seamless extension of the remote network.

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