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New Member

Wrong Accounting Packet Counter !


In our DSL Service provider, We use Cisco Routers as a BRAS for years.

recently I have noticed about an strength problem with accounting packets That I'm recieving from BRAS!

right now our AAA configuration for PPPOE is something like this:

1- when a User establishes his PPPOE session, BRAS send an accounting-start packet for that user.

2- every 5 minutes , BRAS sends an accounting-update (Interim-update) for that session.

3- when user terminates his PPPOE session , BRAS finaly sends accouting-stop packet.

In Normal situation , it works like a charm , but I have found that when a user's session terminates in 1 or 2 minutes (before receiving first Interim update), BRAS send a high number for Acct-Output-Octets and Acct-Input-Octets, that practically it's Impossible for a user to have a such traffic in less than 1 or 2 minutes.

most important thing is that , It's not happening all time !!!

Does anybody has any Idea about this issue?

Thanks in advance.


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