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Multicast with cisco small business SG 200-26


To whom it may concern.

We're working with cisco switch SG 200-26 and we want to make the follow (hope someone understand us):

We're dealing with multicast and we want to sent; for example, two multicast (say and through port 24 (for example) and we want go out ONLY for one port (for example port 1) and information go out ONLY for ANOTHER port (for example port 8)

We tryied creating vlan's but nothing worked and so on.

We'll appreciate a lot your help


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Cisco Employee

Hi,    I don't know much


    I don't know much about this switch in particular but I have some knowledge in Multicast. Multicast does not work as normal routing, there needs to be a petition via a certain protocol either PIM (Router) or IGMP (PC) so that the device that receives such petition can forward the traffic out of the port where it was received. This switch must be using IGMP snooping to forward traffic out of the ports, so one thing you can do to hardcode the port to a certain Multicast group is add a static MAC address entry to the Mac-address table of the switch including the port you want, the entry would correspond to the multicast group in this case: 0100.5E01.01.01 for and 0100.5E01.0102 for This is what IGMP snooping does, it receives a petition from IGMP for the group and then adds the MAC address to the port so it can send the traffic as soon as it arrives. 

However, if there is an IGMP petition (called Host membership report) for the group you don't want, the switch will still add the MAC address automatically. You would need to filter IGMP somehow from reaching the switch I guess, but I am not sure if this type of switch supports this level of filtering.



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