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Viptela Hybid WAN

Hello all,


Im looking for  more details on viptela Hybrid WAN offerings, need to understand the below points


1. Architecture

2. Benefits

3. How viptela can be used to design a cloud ready WAN arch


appreciate if someone can give headsup


Community Member

Re: Viptela Hybid WAN

1. The architecture in the simplest terms is a VPN based overlay WAN that is vendor agnostic. It is a privatized WAN solution that can leverage any transport such as MPLS, broadband, DSL, Satellite, and LTE technologies to name a few. 


2. Benefit include but are not limited to reduction on reliance on cost prohibitive commercially available private network transport solutions such as MPLS, increased bandwidth at a lower price point for cloud based services such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, etc., and granular application level traffic prioritization strategies. 


3. Cloud ready depends on your use case, if your cloud environment is privatized the SD-WAN can deliver access securely and privately over public internet. This reduces dependencies on direct connect, NetBond, and other costly transports with greater redundancy. SD-WAN solutions partner and integrate with cloud public cloud service solutions such as Cisco Spark, Zscaler, and other cloud service offerings. These have substantial benefits from a performance perspective due to peering relationships and global reach. However, buyer beware on the costs associated costs. There are multiple providers of these services vying for your business so make the choice that is right for your business needs. 


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Re: Viptela Hybid WAN

There are good presentations about SD-WAN on Cisco live.

But you need to have a valid login to watch these videos, I'll try how I can get the PDF version of I can share with you.

Ranil Fernando
Community Member

Re: Viptela Hybid WAN

Dear Ranil


Does Viptela has fireballing capability.Question is can we terminate internet link directly to Viptela bo without a firewall.




Community Member

Re: Viptela Hybid WAN



Do you already have Viptela deployed in your environment?  I'm looking for others that have deployed the Cisco Viptela SDWAN solution.

Cisco Employee

Re: Viptela Hybid WAN

Have you checked Featured Customer Stories on ?

This is a good starting point.

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