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1121's - Tried all I can - still not right, please help


Been configuring, reconfiguring, trying everything that has been suggested for a month now.

Question: How can you configure 1121g's to roam properely? I can get them to work for data ( although still not roaming cleanly) but still miss a couple of pings from one to another. This is not acceptable for voice which is the intended purpose of these.

I have them setup with one acting as the Master AP and running radius on it also.

The rest can all be seen by the Master but will NOT authenticate with the Master. I have tried all that has been suggested here such as:

1. Starting over from scratch

2. Different types of encryption and checking, rechecking, and rechecking again that all keys and such match.

3. Checking signal strength (most were strong between each other - I eliminated this issue by going back to a lab setup with them 10 feet apart, 25 feet apart, 50 feet apart, no obstructions, etc.

4. Copying a config posted the other day, no change.

5. Have tried 3 different code versions

6. I have a box full of these AP's and as such have tried many different AP's, I don't think HW is an issue

I am at my witts end here and about to get my butt handed to me on a platter.

Does anyone have known good configs they can send to me? Hopefully all I would have to do is change the SSID's, IP's, and Passwords and be up and running.

I need FSR running I believe to get seemless voice roaming.


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Re: 1121's - Tried all I can - still not right, please help

Recommended code ?

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