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1130 AG associate says it's downloading then fails

I have 2 1130 AG's that I'm trying to test with my 4402 Controller, the 1010 Ap associated just fine. The 1130's find the WLC just fine, the WLC starts downloading to the AP but then I get an error message about the heartbeat timeout. It just keeps recycling over and over.

When I was hooked into one of the AP with a console cable it said it was downloading the image and then it errored out.




Re: 1130 AG associate says it's downloading then fails

Are these LWAPP 1130's? The part number is AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9. Autonomous flavors of the 1131 are AIR-AP1131AG-A-K9. If the 1131 is LWAPP then you have a bigger problem. If the 1131 is not LWAPP or has been upgraded to LWAPP then the probable cause is that the selfsigned certificate is either corrupted or doesn't exist on the AP. In either case, you have to send it back to Cisco on a TAC case. The only other problem I have seen that will cause this in good LWAPP APs is a problem with poor power. If the POE is not correct then you can have this problem. I'm betting on certificate issues. By the way, there is one other possible problem. Check the date and time on the controller to verify that it is with 2 hours of the actual time. THe onboard certificates on the APs are date and time sensitive and this has been known to cause such problems.

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Re: 1130 AG associate says it's downloading then fails

These are the AIR-LAP1131AG-A-K9 and they are LWAPP just out of the box. I have 25 of them and these are 2 random ones. I did notice the controller's time was whacked out. I reset it so I will see if they pick that up.

I have the power supply hooked right up to the AP for right now but I do have the POe adapters as well.


I also get this from the log about the AP

Did not receive hearbeat reply from AP 00:1d:a1:ec:6a:d8 and then it disassociates itself.


Re: 1130 AG associate says it's downloading then fails


Did you find a resolution to this?

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