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1510 APs in mesh, poor data perfomance

I am running a few 1510 APs, LWAPP, in the field. I get great connections to the AP according to the laptop NICs, but data will not pass. No Outlook, no web browsing, etc. I can ping the servers, gateways, other LAN computers. These APs are attached to the campus WLAN which has no problem with performance. We use WCS. Any ideas?

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Re: 1510 APs in mesh, poor data perfomance

Do you have Ethernet bridging enabled? I forget exactly where the "Ethernet Bridging" checkbox is located but I think it is under the AP configuration options. You should only have to have it enabled on the RAP.

Re: 1510 APs in mesh, poor data perfomance

how many hops are the "pap" 1510s away from the "rap" 1510s that tie into the wired side?

Have you tried associating to the "rap" 1510? assuming that you have b/g turned up on the root APs. Also, are you running the backhaul on the 802.11A side? and client traffic on the B/G side?

or is everyhing pushed down the 802.11/b/g side?.

You can check mesh status for hops, signal strength, etc via WCS maps very easily

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Re: 1510 APs in mesh, poor data perfomance

How do you have the 1500 setup, they are used for outdoor mesh.You don't have them mounted inside do you? The ethernet bridging should not effect anything, it just allows you to connect a pc to the 1500 via ethernet. Do you have ACL's, firewalls that might be blocking traffic? What version of code are you running, early version a 1500 connected via ethernet became a Rooftop Access Point, new version it has to be configured. as mentioned in other reply, use WCS for Mesh link information, link tests etc..The A radio doesn't serve clients, it's used for the backhaul, G radio used for clients. Are AP's in the same Bridge Group Name? Need more information on how you have your mesh network setup.

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