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2 questions about cisco MIB


I have some difficulties to interpret some informations; when I consult the "cdot11clientconfiginfotable" ( of the "cisco-association-mib" , the MAC adress of the client device (which is an index of this table) has no value, so how object of this table can be read if the index isn t defined???

the same problem with the ssid (which is also an index of the same table) , how a strinf variable can be an index ? because when i do a snmpwalk on this table, all index are numeric(even mac adress which hasn t value)

Second question: As is defined in cisco web site, this table has 11 field but when i cosult it, there are 16 field under this table, how this ca, be possible? (the oid aren t defined : (...).12,(...).13, ...


Re: 2 questions about cisco MIB

I think only if the clients are configured the values wil be in the table, otherwise the table wil be empty


Re: 2 questions about cisco MIB


I solve my problem, but i want to say that some fields in the cisco MIB don t run specially those who have to save the MAC adress of the device connected to theAP, so i found how to get this adress because it s used as index in the tablle (not in hexadecimal), and i want to say that in the cisco site web , the fied who returns ip adress doesn t exist

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Re: 2 questions about cisco MIB

Hi Jedma,

I am intersted on the oid of the mib dot11association that u r using to retreive the MAC or IP add from the AP.

Thx in advance for ur help.

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