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2 SSID one with blacklist other with white list

Hi, I have Cisco 2504 WiFi controller, and so far I have 1 SSID with known password for all students and that needs to stay that way. I have 100 IPADS + other 100 incoming and I did create SSID 2 where no one get password for it. Now I need somehow to Blacklist those IPADS on SSID 1 and make shore that they can connect only on SSID 2 and then I am able to manage them properly. Please help, cant see how to do that, i did find MAC filtering option, but it only have white list function but I need to leave first SSID open for new devices without taking their MAC addresses.


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the 100 ipads anyway does not

the 100 ipads anyway does not know the password for ssid1, so no need to make any change.

yes, mac filter on wlc is allow/deny only on specific ssid.


well for first 100 ipad you

well for first 100 ipad you already have a know password and it is working and you created a second SSID and you want no password set.It mean only configuration for that SSID will be open and no client setting is required. any you dont need to create any list for this.


Hi,As per my knowledge, here


As per my knowledge, here MAC address filtering is only function you have to configure the restriction against any SSID even having the password and or on Open SSID with no restriction.

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