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New Member

2006 controller and 1020 AP's

I cannot get a 2006 controller to talk with 1020 AP's. I can get my 1240's to talk no problem, however the 1020's don't want to cooperate.

I haven't changed the configuration on the controller, and I am using the same switchports.


New Member

Re: 2006 controller and 1020 AP's


1. Are 1020's getting IP address? 2006's only support LWAPP layer3

2. Are you providing Option 43 to the 1020's? AP1000's use vci "Airespace 1200" instead of "Cisco AP c1240"

3. Do you have a DNS entry "CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER@"? This is an alternative way for 1020's to find your controller during the hunting process

4. Do you have OTAP enabled? I can provide a way for the 1240's to advertise the controller to the 1020

You can also cautiously use the controller's debug command to get more insight on why it is not joining:

debug lwapp events enable

Let us know if this helps.

New Member

Re: 2006 controller and 1020 AP's

Can you confirm that the AP1000 vci is "Airespace 1200". I have not gotten the APs to find the controller on remote subnets. The docs say "Airespace 1200" but the sniffer tells me "Airespace.AP1200"

New Member

Re: 2006 controller and 1020 AP's

You are right, it is "Airespace.AP1200" unlike documented (just confirmed on an AP1020).

A couple of things to remember:

1. IP address you return should be the Controller's Mgmt (not AP Mgmt) interface - controller would then return a list of AP-Mgmt interface IP addresses in the Dicovery reply message

2. You may want to try DNS entry "CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER"; The AP will try to resolve that name.

3. You don't have any firewall and/or NAT preventing the AP from reaching UDP12223, right?

4. Worst-case scnerario, try priming the AP on the same local subnet as the controller (of course, we are assuming that you are already running LWAPP at Layer3).

Let the forum know if this resolves your issues.

New Member

Re: 2006 controller and 1020 AP's

Come to think of it, you are already running LWAPP @ L3

New Member

Re: 2006 controller and 1020 AP's

can somebody explain this a little more in detail where exactly should i put those special strings? on DHCP server? or DNS server?

i am also confused with those DHCP servers..

my example:

i have VLAN1 for management with DHCP server for that subnet. All APs should get addresses from that pool.

then i have VLAN20 for traffic with other DHCP for that subnet. All clients should get addresses from that pool.

i linked management and AP-management interfaces on physical port 1.

i created dynamic interface "traffic" for VLAN20 and linked it to physical port 2.

my questions are:

1. while configuring WLC management interface which address should i use for DHCP server?

2. same question for configuring AP-management interface

3. is there any less complicated tutorial on the net for step-by-step configuring 2006 WLC and 1020 APs on the net? (some of us are still real beginners).

any help will be more than welcomed

New Member

Re: 2006 controller and 1020 AP's

Management & AP Managamenet both use VLAN1's DHCP

Dynamic 'traffic' interface uses VLAN20's DHCP

The Controllers OnLine help maybe a good place to look.

New Member

Re: 2006 controller and 1020 AP's

I opened a case with TAC and received a document on configuring Windows 2000 to work with Airespace regarding option 43.

What I needed to do different from the configuration guide

Cisco 1000 Series VCI value-- changed from "Airespace 1200" to "Airespace.AP1200"

TLV Block Type or Code -- changed from 241 to 102

TLV Data Type - change from string to binary

In the individual scope, the IP address was enter into the ASCII field. I need to delete a "." that was inserted by default. The IP address was entered without qoutes.

Hope this helps others.