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5508 License Question

Dear Friends,


I have two 5508 WLC, one of them is in Active, and the second one is in Standby mode


Standby WLC inherited 100 AP license from Primary(Active) WLC, the question is if i add license with Adder license will the second WLC inherit those addtional licenses?


Thank you



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Both the WLCs have a valid AP

Both the WLCs have a valid AP Count license

  • The CLI should be used to configure one WLC as the Standby WLC (as mentioned in the configuration section) provided it satisfies the requirement of minimum permanent license count. This condition is only valid for the 5500 WLC, where a minimum of 50 AP Permanent licenses are needed to be converted to Standby. There is no restriction for other WLCs such as the WiSM2, 7500, and 8500.
  • AP-count license information will be pushed from Active to Standby.
  • In the event of a switchover, the new Active WLC will operate with the license count of the previous Active WLC and will start the 90-day countdown.
  • The WLC configured as Secondary will not use its own installed license, and only the inherited license from the active will be utilized.
  • After 90-days, it starts nagging messages. It will not disconnect connected APs.
  • With the new WLC coming up, HA SKU at the time of paring will get the AP Count:

 If the new WLC has a higher AP count than the previous, the 90-day counter is reset.

 If the new WLC has a lower AP count than the previous, the 90-day counter is not reset.

 After switchover to a lower AP count, the WLC offset timer will continue and nagging messages will be displayed after time expiry.



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