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5508 Redundancy

Hi All,

I'm trying to get redundancy operating correctly. What I have done so far is:

Created a management interface with dynamic ap management disabled.

A "ap-manager-primary" interface on port 1 with dynamic ap management enabled.

A "ap-manager-backup" interface on port 2 with dynamic ap management enabled.

See the attached screenshot.

Port 1 is connected to one core switch and port 2 is connected to the other core switch. Initially this seemed to work fine. If core switch 1 goes down the management interface was still reachable over port 2.

However when port 1 comes back up it doesnt seem to preempt and stays active on port 2. And so what I found is that when port 2 goes down the WLC isnt accessable on the management interface.

How do people normally conifgure the 5508 across two core switches?

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: 5508 Redundancy


Two  questions:

1. Is management port configured with port 2 as backup?

2. How you are testing the port going down?

(cable removed, shut down on switch side, disable on WLC side, etc)

Active/backup scenario should recover after 30 seconds of primary port coming back up. If this is not happening, please let me know to follow up on this.


Community Member

Re: 5508 Redundancy


what about management and ap-manager on same VLAN on 5508?

Did you receive any error message or warning when you configured ap-manager on same VLAN as management interface on 5508?

Regarding failover, there is a note in conf guide 6.0

"For 5500 series controllers in a non-link-aggregation (non-LAG) configuration, the management interface must be on a different VLAN than any dynamic AP-manager interface. Otherwise, the management interface cannot fail over to the port that the AP-manager is on."





Community Member

Re: 5508 Redundancy

Dinko your spot on ... management and AP manager on the same VLAN. Can't understand why I can't have this but I guess this is why it isnt failing back.



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