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5508 WLC Layer 3 roaming

Hey everyone,

As we get more users, we are starting to run out of IP addresses in our wireless subnet at one of our locations.

We were thinking instead of just enlarging the subnet, creating a different subnet for each floor.

While I can find plenty of documentation on Inter-controller inter-subnet roaming, I was wondering how this would be handled across a single controller.

I read the Mobility chapter of the Wireless LAN Fundamentals book (, which suggests that this can be done.

Who has had experience doing this? What additional configuration (if any) had to be done?


Edit: If you have implemented this, what is the user experience while roaming between floors?

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Hi,If your intention is to


If your intention is to increase the scope of dhcp pool my suggestion is to create a new interface on WLC for each building/floors or so and bundle these interface to an interface group and use the interface group for SSID to interface mapping.

This way you should be absolutely fine with user experience. The dhcp will assign the IP address randomly from each interface in the group.

Hope that helps.



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Thanks Najaf.Hadn't thought

Thanks Najaf.

Hadn't thought about that angle. I will do some testing.

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When you are operating the

When you are operating the Cisco wireless LAN solution in Layer 3 mode, you must configure an AP-manager interface to control lightweight access points and a management interface as configured for Layer 2 mode.

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Thanks mohanak!

Thanks Mohana!

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