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5760 and downloadable ACL

I've seen that the 5760 WLC should have downloadable ACLs but I haven't really found how it would work. Would it require an ISE from where it's downloaded, where is the ACL applied, does it work with flex-connect, will it be implemented on other platforms in the future? For the 5670 that support downloadable access-list does any AP support this or is it just a certain type of ap that support it? Anyone know where I would be able to find information or the answer to these questions?

Also another short question, the 8500 WLC an 5760 WLC both support 10Gb interface but would they support 1Gb interfaces as well or would they completely reject that type of SFP?

Thanks for any hints on any of these topics.


//Peter Börjesson


Re: 5760 and downloadable ACL

So 5760 doesn't support Flexconnext so No, downloadable ACLs won't work for Flexconnect.

For Local mode APs the dACL is applied to the WLAN.

I don't know if dACLs will be implemented on any Airespace WLCs. Only IOS XE based controllers support this today. Airespace controllers support Named ACLs where you pass it the name of the ACL already defined on the controller.

You would need some radius server to send your dACLs, I believe ACS support this as well as ISE.

The 5760 supports 1G SFPs, unsure if the 8510 support this.

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Re: 5760 and downloadable ACL

Omg.. the 5760 doesn't support Flexconnect? That seems really odd, isn't the 5760 supposed to be like the scaled up version of the 5508 to some degree? It sounds more like the 5760 is a mix and match thing of the 5508 and th 8510 in that case which in my head doesn't make sence.

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Re: 5760 and downloadable ACL

There will be support for Flexconnect in the future as well as Mesh, but no ETA yet unfortunately.



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