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New Member

5760 WLC Clean Air question



My customer Cisco 5760 WLCs running as a HA pair. Clean Air has been configured on these boxes but when I do a sh ap dot11 5ghz cleanair summary all the APs show Spectrum Oper State as Down:-

CPIT-5760-WLC-1#sh ap dot11 5ghz cleanair summary
AP Name               MAC Address         Slot ID  Spectrum Capable  Spectrum Intelligence   Spectrum Oper State
AP1                   xxxx.xxxx.xxxx            1  Enabled           Enabled                 Down
AP2                   xxxx.xxxx.xxxx            1  Enabled           Enabled                 Down
AP3                   xxxx.xxxx.xxxx            1  Enabled           Enabled                 Down

Anyone got any ideas as to how I overcome this little obstacle?





Cisco Employee

The spectrum sensor for the

The spectrum sensor for the access point radio is currently not operational because an error has occurred. The most likely reason for the error is that the access point radio is disabled (error code 8). To correct this error, enable the radio.

New Member

Thanks for the reply. As far

Thanks for the reply. As far as I can tell all the radios are operational:-


and Clean Air has been configured:-

ap dot11 24ghz cleanair
ap dot11 5ghz cleanair


Also the link you sent was for release 7 on the old series controllers whereas this is a HA pair of the 5760s running release 3.03.


I have been through the configuring Clean Air chapter for this release and it doesn't suggest anything I haven't already tried.




New Member

Sorry - forgot to upload the

Sorry - forgot to upload the jpg.




Hi Alan,Which model of AP are

Hi Alan,

Which model of AP are you using? Are you sure that model of AP which you are using support clean air feature?

As far as I know CleanAir capable APs are Aironet 3502e, 3501e, 3502i, and 3501i.

Hope that helps



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New Member

Hi Najaf, We are using 3602i

Hi Najaf,


We are using 3602i APs which are CleanAir capable.





New Member

Hi All,Thanks for all the

Hi All,

Thanks for all the replies. I upgraded the controller to the latest firmware over the weekend and while that didn't appear to make any appreciable difference at the time when I look now everything is working as I would expect:-

CPIT-5760-WLC-1#sh ap dot11 5ghz cleanair summary
AP Name               MAC Address         Slot ID  Spectrum Capable  Spectrum Intelligence   Spectrum Oper State
S652-54918            1c1d.8607.dc10            1  Enabled           Enabled                 Up
O303-54916            1c1d.860e.7910            1  Enabled           Enabled                 Up
L131-54932            1c1d.860e.7d40            1  Enabled           Enabled                 Up

Once again thanks to all those who took the time to reply.






Hi,It seems thatAdmin Status


It seems that

Admin Status is Disabled that is why Operation Status is Down.

make sure these below settings are enabled, try once disabled and then
enabled the the Admin Status.

WIRELESS>Access Points>Radios>802.11a/n/ac

select any low noise channel of 5Ghz and then Enable the Admin Status.
and check the connectivity between 5GHz AP and WLC.

Cisco Employee

possibly you have 802.11a

possibly you have 802.11a disabled globaly.

Also in advanced config you will have to enable the admin mode.

New Member

802.11a is enabled globally -

802.11a is enabled globally - see 802_11a.jpg.

Have found admin status in the general tab and it is enabled - see admin status general.jpg.

Cannot find anything about admin status in the advanced tab - see no admin status advanced.jpg - can you elaborate on this point please?



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