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New Member - Management from Wireless Issue

I'm sure this has come up before and I've had this problem for awhile just no time to check on it.  So, with some of my 5508's, I can telnet and ssh via a wireless connection, but no https and the 5508 I'm working with now I can't do any of those despite Management Via Wireless option ok'd?                  

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Re: - Management from Wireless Issue

It will depend on what WLC the AP you're connected to is using. If Manage via Wireless is enabled, you should be able to access the controller even if you are connected to it.

Otherwise you may have a CPU or interface ACL Blocking that traffic to the management IP.

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Re: - Management from Wireless Issue

This has been VERY buggy for a long time. I blogged about this .. See some of the comments

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Re: - Management from Wireless Issue

I'm surprised I haven't ran into this before since we've been at it since 3.x code... Talk about some erratic behavior, again, on one controller I was connected toyou can't access it via telnet/ssh/https at all.. but yet on another controller that I was connected to today, https was out, but ssh was working... very strange.  Kind of a pita when out doing things, as I find the controller to be fast then using NCS on somethings

BTW, J, thanks for your reply too... but I don't have any acl's anywhere.

Re: - Management from Wireless Issue

I've never had an issue where i was unable to manage a WLC if that option is enabled.  I have seen issues where you can still establish a SSH session when disabled, but the session immediately disconnects and doesn't prompt for username/password.  I've also had some poorly written ACLs bite me with regard to management.

Raun, I manage everything possible from WCS/NCS.  I'd rather have these settings as a template and keep things consistance acrosss multiple controllers.  Nothing like tracking down intermittent issues only to find that I forgot to change some setting on one of the controllers.

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Re: - Management from Wireless Issue

I know, and I've gotten better about the templates.  But from an old cli commando, NCS (or gui period) is slow and cumbersome unless your doing a mass deployment of something.  I like NCS over WCS in feel (okay, it's alittle prettier) but it's also slower then WCS imho. And although WCS/NCS gives you more options then say the WLC's gui, the WLC's CLI gives you more detail.  Either way, the damn thing should work when you have it set to manage via wireless connection.  It should be a like a switch/router, defaults to anyone unless you acl it, or a pix/asa, say management allowed from such and such subnet and mask, or wildcard it out.  I'll tac it in my 'spare' time.

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Re: - Management from Wireless Issue

I've never had issues with any of my deployments in regards to this. I had a peer that just ran into this and he had RMAd the wlc per TACs recommendation. I know there is an issue with managing a wlc that you are anchored to, but that hasn't been fixed yet.

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