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Access point IP Address

When assigning an IP address to an access point it has to be on the same network as the clients that are associating to it, correct? For example, if my clients are on a private network, can I assign a address to my access point? I tried this and could not connect to anything. Is the address just for management? Any help would be appreciated. I cant seem to find any information about addressing in the configuration guides.

Cisco Employee

Re: Access point IP Address

You can have wireless clients in different netowrk other then Access Point..But you need a router to route between networks.. ip address to Access Point is by default..Its not for management..You can assign another ip address using DHCP or statically....Tejal

Cisco Employee

Re: Access point IP Address

You can think of your AP as a managed hub, connected to an ethernet port on your router.

Any clients connecting to the Hub/AP have to have an address assigned that matches the IP subnet defined on the router.

The IP address on the Hub/AP can be used to manage it - SNMPor configuration management for example.

Multiple APs can be connected to the same subnet to enable L2 mobility between them. (do this by connecting the APs to a L2 switched VLAN).

If you need to roam between 2 APs on different subnets you will either need to release/renew your IP address or you will need a mobile IP client stack on your client device.

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