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ACS - PEAP, Windows 2003 AD Server

Hi Everybody,

I am struggling for months now to get some features of ACS working. Will appreciate any comments.

Setup consists of AP1230, ACS 3.3 Appliance(Peap configured and machine authentication enabled), WIndows2003 AD server and WIn XP SP2 client with PEAP settings. We are not using Certificate setup and simply uncheck the option of "Validate Server Certificate"

consider a domain user who logs in his laptop as local user(administrator).

WindowsXP propmts him to give the username/password. (We have unchecked the "automatically use windows username/password" option).

He gives his domain credentials and ACS allows him to connect to the network. The clients get an IP address.

Is it possible to control this behaviour?? Is it possible make sure that client get's an IP address only when he/she is logging in Domain else not??

Thanks, Javed


Re: ACS - PEAP, Windows 2003 AD Server

You can try using LEAP. With LEAP you can control the client logging in to the network without a proper domain name. LEAP will ask for the domain name when the client connects. If the user provides the incorrect domain name, the user will not be able to connect to the network.

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Re: ACS - PEAP, Windows 2003 AD Server

Mr. nizami.j

my name is ziryab and i was trying to find solution for my problem with ACS 4.0 and the AP 1130AG plus i have AD 2003 ..... I want this to work with me. coz everytime i am trying to make it work it is saying to my that Authintication faild in the AP and also in the ACS i am just want the user to be authinticate via AD and to get access to the network.... :( but i don't know how? i did try everything but it is still the same even i looked at all the documents in the internet but no inf about it ... plzzz can you help me with it

i mean if you have any documents that telling me the steps for doing this? i will be thankfull to you

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