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ACS Response time

I presently have approximately 350 ap scattered in around 30-40 locations. The wireless clients are using EAP-FAST to authenticate to active directory using WLSM and ACS with the windows agent on a DC. I've noticied in WLSE that my response time on the ACS server has dropped to an average of 25-30 milliseconds. During the day I have around 450-500 users but even at night response time stays the same. Is this an area of concern? If so what should I check? I have two ACS servers, is there a way to load balance the authentications between the two boxes? Lastly, is there any way to check if the WLSM is caching the logins?


Robert Evans

New Member

Re: ACS Response time

There is no way to performing "load balancing" on ACS servers. The best you could do is have one set of routers have Server A as the primary and Server B as the secondary, and have another set of routers have Server B as the primary and Server A as the secondary.


Re: ACS Response time

Bbaley is pretty much right. That is the most practical way of balancing out your traffic, and the only one supported natively by ACS.

The other option is to use hardware load balancing such as a CSS. I know of people using CSS with ACS to reduce heavy load, but that is with far more users than you have I believe. Does the response on your backup ACS seem fast still? If not, perhaps there is a networking issue contributing to the slowness?

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