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add wlc to the WCS

Hi experts,

I want to add a second wlc 4402 in branch office( to WCS ( in Headquarter. During this operation I receive this messages from wcs:

"controllers unreachable, check smnp and network for issue". I try to ping from wcs to wlc (no problem), snmp community is correct (there is another controller that use this communiny without problem). There aren't firewall between wlc and wcs. Can you suggest something?



Re: add wlc to the WCS

Are you using the ready-only community instead of the read-write community?

Are you able to do an snmpwalk from the WCS box?

(assuming linux with net-snmp-utils installed)

or something like getif on a windows box.

What about ACLs between the two devices?

Community Member

Re: add wlc to the WCS

Community is RW and snmp services on windows server is active. I Try another test: If my controller is in LAN, there is no problem, if the controller is in a branch office I have a problem. So I investigate how to reach snmp wlc community.


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Re: add wlc to the WCS

I had a problem similar to that after an upgrade was performed on one of my WLC's to that version.

I ended up restarting the controllers and that time it picked it up and marked it as 'reachable'.

Hope that helps,


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