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Adding a Cert to WCS

I'm trying to get our cert onto the WCS but it's proving difficult. Does anyone have actual documentation for this? Everything i've googled so far is proving rather unhelpful.

As i understand it, in the "Download Web Auth Certificate to Controller" section i have a number of fields. Server Name and IP need to correlate to the settings of my virtual interface.

but then we get into "Server File Name" and "Password:". is server file name the name i want to give the cert when it's on the server? What is this password field?


Re: Adding a Cert to WCS

Do you want to downlad a cert from WLC to WCS?

Or push a cert from WCS to WLC?

New Member

Re: Adding a Cert to WCS

I'm not a cert expert by any means, i'm just trying to make the rediculous cert error i get in web-passthru to disappear.

I was able to get the CA to the controller (via wcs) but i can't seem to get the server cert installed. we're using a wildcard cert (* so i'm a little unsure if that is causing problems or not.

Re: Adding a Cert to WCS

Ok got it. If your cert is for FQDN, then your WCS hostname should be FQDN too. Remember that the license for WCS is bundled to your hostname and if lets say you change your wcs hostname from wcs to then you need to change your WCS license.

Having said that, here is how to install a CSR on your WCS server:

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