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Agree or disagree?

When I read all of the messages on NPC, I'm amazed at how many people are griping about the cost and complexities of a secure wireless network. Wireless is still,whether you like it or not, a niche product. If everyone is intent on pushing it into the mainstream too fast, then problems will occur!From my observations, Aironet is still the best wireless solution out there, and leaving everyone else farther behind with each release. If you want quality, it's going to cost!

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Re: Agree or disagree?

yeah - what he said.

I've always seen wireless as something that companies do to save money - either by eliminating telco charges, eliminating wiring or increasing productivity.

That said, I usually find that unless there is at least a 20% delta between wireless and wired, the customer won't take the risk (they see it as a risk, no matter what we tell them).

We are just starting to find scenarios and applications where we can make wireless FASTER AND MORE SECURE. Citrix on CE over wireless with expiring certificates will impress anyone.

I've been working with Aironet since 1995. I agree that they make great stuff, but you still have to tackle the 'what about LinkSys' questions.

And I REALLY wish they'd put out some nice high-speed U-NII gear!

Matthew Wheeler

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Re: Agree or disagree?

I agree with you. The Cisco gear is the best secured wireless solution out there. Engineers shouldn't be building networks to build networks; they need to have a driver. The driver or requirement is what makes an argument for infrastructure, right? Then it is just a matter of determining what media to use.

We have a comprehensive wireless plan here at our site that has guidelines for determining whether wireless is a good media for a particular application.

Once the wireless recommendation is made then the management and accounting types determine if it is worth the investment to deploy the gear and security. Don't forget that you also have to swallow that pill regarding security issues with wireless. Every organization has their thresholds for pain.

Just an opinion not Gospel.

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