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Aironet Bridges 1310 point-to-point with ACS Radius Authentication


I have scenario that consists on a point-to-point wireless bridge. Today this connection are using the Cisco Aironets 350 “which is obsolete” and authentication with Cisco ACS “4.1 and in the future 4.2” with protocol EAP/LEAP.

Recently, I bought two new Wireless/Ethernet Bridges 1310 Series to replace the Cisco Aironet 350 Series. And I need remain the ACS authenticating the connection between these new bridges 1310.

The authentication protocol EAP/LEAP is enable in ACS because the Aironet 350 is working fine with this ACS now.

My problem is: These Aironet Bridges 1310 remain compatible with authentication radius ACS in mode poin-to-point using EAP/LEAP? If Yes, there are some Tips to configure these aironets to authenticate with ACS. We have read some configuration guide and followed step-by-step procedure, however we don't had successful.

Note: The ACS is work properly and authenticating without problem with other devices and currently Cisco Aironets 350 bridges.

I'm attaching the files and configuration errors found.


Re: Aironet Bridges 1310 point-to-point with ACS Radius Authenti

Identify RADIUS security servers by their host name or IP address, host name and specific UDP port numbers, or their IP address and specific UDP port numbers. The combination of the IP address and the UDP port number creates a unique identifier allowing different ports to be individually defined as RADIUS hosts providing a specific AAA service. This unique identifier enables RADIUS requests to be sent to multiple UDP ports on a server at the same IP address.

For the configuration for the Radius Authentication following guide help you :

Re: Aironet Bridges 1310 point-to-point with ACS Radius Authenti

i've just finished upgrading a 350 bridge to a 1300 - used the root as the radius. configured the non-root for radius as follows:

1 created username/password on root local radius - you would create this on your ACS

2 setup AP authentication on non root 1300 in gui - SECURITY - AP AUTHENTICATION or from cmd line:-

dot1x credentials bridgeACSaccount

username username

password **************

3 setup eap profile on non root 1300 in gui - SECURITY - AP AUTHENTICATION or from cmd line:-

eap profile leapprofile

method leap

4 apply credential/eap profile to non root ssid - in your case this would be:

dot11 ssid bridgeirb

dot1x credentials bridgeACSaccount

dot1x eap profile leapprofile



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