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Airport WLAN implementation for the BRS system.

I am setting up a wireless network for an airport an the implementation is like this: The airport HQ is 2km from the airport. The two enterprise networks are connected via a 2mbs E1 link backed up by an 11mbs wireless link. The data centre is in the airport HQ where there are 2 6509 switches. The wireless network to be impplemented is for a BRS on the airport side. I am planning to use the cisco SWAN solution where i put two WLSMs in the 6509 switches, wlse and cisco acs in the datacenter.In this case the wlsm will be running the WDS. The problem is incase the primary link and the backup link fails. Now can i implement another AP based WDS on one of the APs at the airport side in failover mode such that if the link fails the AP can take over; run WDS and authenticate users. Is this possible and how can it be done?


Re: Airport WLAN implementation for the BRS system.

Make sure you have configured the WLSE to authenticate with WDS devices.

In the WLSE User Interface (WLSE UI), you can give the credentials under Devices > Discover > Device Credentials > Wireless LAN Context Control Protocol (WLCCP) Credentials.

The security key can be set up only after the WLSE authenticates to WDS. Therefore, if there are no problems, the final status should be security key setup.

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