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Anchor controller not working


I've been working on this for 3 weeks now, and I haven't found a solution, perhaps some of you already had this problem.

I have 2 anchor controller (for redundancy and load balancing) and 2 foreign controllers. There is no problem betweem the L3 communication, I mean, mping and eping work fine, I can even see the mobility group status Up and running.

Both with same code version, both ith the same virtual IP However only clients that use Anchor 1 get the web-pastrough page displayed,

wether local APs or APs from any of the foreign controllers. WLAN ssid is configured exactly the same in all 4 controllers, of course that the two foreign controllers have the guest SSID anchored to Anchor1 and Anchor 2.

DNS is reachable, nslookup works fine, no firewall is blocking the communications between the controllers (if so, mobility would not be up and running of course).

I can see that Anchor2 works fine, becasue it has some AP associated to it, and clients associated to the guest SSID in Anchor2, can get the agreement page displayed correctly. Agreement page is local, I mean, I just modified the text in the default cisco design.

DHCP is internal in the controller, and works fine.

Any idea?


Re: Anchor controller not working

So you have an IP and DNS/nslookup works fine when going to the "Anchor 2" but the page still does not display?  Also, you mention that clients connecting to APs on the Anchor 2 "directly" can reach the page as well.

Does your client properly enter the WEBAUTH_REQD state when anchoring to Anchor2.  Do you see WLC place client in WEBAUTH_REQD or are we stuck somewhere prior to this?   We won't bother to redirect the client unless the WLC shows it in this state

Can you navigate to the page manually?

Collect the following from the foreign and anchor 2.  Start these and then attempt to connect your client.

>debug client

>debug mobility handoff enable


David W.

Community Member

Re: Anchor controller not working

Hi David,

Correct, when any foreign controller going to the "Anchor 2" the page still does not display.

Correct, clients connecting to APs on the Anchor 2 "directly" can reach the page.

Yes, I can see the clients in WEBAUTH_REQD state when anchoring to Anchor2

The clients cannot get the page even tring

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