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Another NAT question

Hi, I have been trying to solve this problem all afternoon. I know it is a simple NAT issue but I just can't figure it out.

Just installed a ASA 5505 for a new PtP fiber connection to a customer. We are extending the customers LAN to the ASA over fiber. The EVV  LAN side of the fiber is Now the EVV LAN location has a 2nd location connected by a PtP T1. The Remote end of the T1 is The T1 has a router in EVV with a GW of

All works well evcept when people on the remote end of the T1 try to connect to servers in EVV on I get an error on the ASA

3 Aug 21 2010 13:58:05 305006 53   portmap translation creation failed for udp src PtP: dst PtP:

I know this is a NAT problem since I must route the traffic back out the ASA LAN GW of which is the same interface it arrived on.

Thanks if anyone can help oit.


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Re: Another NAT question

hi 53   portmap translation creation failed for udp src  PtP: dst PtP:

as far as i see it,looks like the reply packet from to port map translation is not happening

Can you be specific like what is the security level on each side of  the asa interfaces.

Does network belong to  inside/outside/dmz network

do you have policy allowing  dns request from/to to network

what is the nat command that has been configured for

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Re: Another NAT question

Thanks I found the solution. I used the VPN wizard to make the VPN and made a mistake. The mistake left some incorrect NAT runles in the config. After reviewing the comfig some more I found and deleted.

Thanks for your responce.


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